The potential of the Kings through the eyes of a childhood super fan

BY: Leo Beas

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.23.57 AMLast night I attended the game as a fan and boy did it bring back childhood memories. It was a barnburner and I had the pleasure to watch the Kings beat an upper-echeloned team alongside the best fans in the NBA.

I have to admit this 123-119 victory over the Portland Trailblazers was much more nerve-reckoning than the game against the Miami Heat because of the amazing shooting ability of Damian Lillard.

“That’s the craziest game I’ve ever been a part of,” DeMarcus Cousins said to the media. “I could not wait until the end. I don’t ever want to be in a situation with the ball in Damian Lillard’s hands. I’m glad we got the win, but that was a scary thing.”

And while people around the nation rave about Lillard’s career-high 41 points and explosive fourth quarter, I want to analyze Rudy Gay’s excellent performance.

Gay scored a season-high 32 points in 31 minutes on 10 of 16 from the field. He was the go-to-guy when the Kings needed a basket and he would create his own shot at will.

Gay simply has a lot of tools in his toolbox and is beginning to showcase them to his biggest critiques as he progresses in this new system.

I truly believe Gay is the answer at the small forward position and will continue to improve as he develops his chemistry with Cousins who is another special talent.

On that note, Cousins tied a season-high with 35 points, grabbing 13 rebounds but most importantly outperforming LaMarcus Aldridge, whom I believe has been the best big man in the NBA thus far. But that is a discussion for another day.

Back to Gay.

He is still relatively young and hasn’t reached his peak yet. This team has so much potential but is so unpredictable. Why do they continue to beat the good teams but can’t wake up for the under performing teams?

I don’t know the answer to that yet but I will continue to search for answers as this season progresses.

I believe the turning point of this game came at the 3:41 mark of the third quarter. The Kings played hopscotch with Portland but never gave up on the play and they earned a huge ovation from the fans including one from me.

The passion for purple in this city is insane! Now that I’m a member of the media, I appreciate the fans even more because I see how much they love this team through the eyes of an objective journalist.

Journalism is my passion and I really appreciate the unconditional support from the fans because not every (11-22) team will have such luck in a different city.

I always dreamed of covering my beloved Kings and it came true faster than I thought. But by no means does that mean I won’t rip them if they are under performing because that is my duty to the fans that look for honest accurate reporting.

I really think the future is bright for the Kings and the city, especially with Vivek Ranadive as the commander-in-chief of this franchise. He is a very intelligent man and surrounds himself with people who are (brighter) as he loves to say.

The Kings just have to treat all of their opponents like the Heat, give it 110 percent every night and the wins will begin to stack up.

Contact Leo at or Twitter @beasleo

Contact Leo at or Twitter @beasleo

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